Bulkley Valley Museum

Temporary and Permanent Exhibits at the Bulkley Valley Museum include:


Temporary Exhibit: A Century of Steam and Steel - The Rail History of Smithers, June 2017-May 2018

Without the railway, the Town of Smithers as we know it today would not exist. Smithers was created by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1913, and generations of Smithereens have been employed directly and indirectly by its successors Canadian National and Via Rail.

As we reflect on the past 150 years since Confederation, we also reflect on the story of our community, and the rail lines that connected it to the broader tides of history.

Temporary Exhibit: Canada 150+ What’s Your Story?, June 13 - July 15 2017

Through this joint exhibition with the Smithers Art Gallery to celebrate Canada 150, we hope to engage and bring together our diverse community to build a better understanding of our different experiences and shared commonality.

Art galleries and museums are places of dialogue and reflection, where we can share our individual stories with our community, and encounter both shared experiences, and new perspectives and ideas.

The community was invited to create works of art that reflect their personal story of Canada - exploring their roots, personal history, daily experience, or what Canada means to them through any medium.

Artifacts were selected from the Museum’s collection to tell stories from the past, enabling us to reflect on how we have grown and changed over the past 150 years. Some of these items leave lingering questions. Many stories are yet to be fully told or understood.

There is no one “Canadian story” but rather it is all of our stories coming together.

Temporary Exhibit: From Time Immemorial - A Celebration of Witsuwit’en History, June 13- July 15 201

This temporary exhibit celebrates the history and culture of the Witsuwit’en people, featuring artifacts and documentary items from the Museum’s collection, and the family collection of ‘Ilhdesinon Birdy Markert.

Temporary Exhibit: Ephemera - Things that Exist for a Short Time Only

Ephemera are items that were not intended to be saved, but instead were made to be discarded after they were used. These “documents of everyday life” are often paper-based materials such as birthday cards, movie tickets, envelopes, menus, posters, and calendars. Some objects, such as matchbooks, or medical and food packaging, are also considered types of ephemera.

Today many forms of ephemera are highly treasured by collectors, museums, and archives. This exhibit explores items of ephemera from the Museum’s collection, including examples of local advertising ephemera.

Permanent Exhibit: Yin tah of the Witsuwit’en

The Bulkley Valley Museum is on the traditional territory (yin tah) of the Witsuwit’en people. Our permanent Witsuwit’en exhibit area features artifacts, images and information about the Witsuwit’en, past and present.

Image source: “Niwhts’ide’ni Hibi’it’en The Ways of Our Ancestors”, by Melanie Morin.

Broken Arrow

Permanent Exhibit: Broken Arrow: The Story of the Crashed B-36 Bomber

On the cold, dark night of February 13th 1950, an American B-36 bomber carrying a deadly weapon mysteriously disappears from the skies. Several years later, its wreckage is found on a remote mountain hillside in northwest British Columbia. Our exhibit on America’s first “Broken Arrow” delves into the unanswered questions, and features original parts of the plane from the crash site.