Bulkley Valley Museum

The Culture Crawl Brochure is Online

Smithers Culture Crawl

Come to the Bulkley Valley Museum today and get your culture crawl brochure!

Starting at the Bulkley Valley Museum, the crawl takes visitors on a remarkable and fascination stroll. Our Culture Crawl explores the stories of the older building in Smithers. The Old Church,was the first Church and first wooden structure built in Smithers.  You will see the unique Aladdin and Eaton kit homes. Schimmel’s Cafe, Sawyers Heavenly Cafe and Safeway feature a continuation of the main exhibit in the Bulkley Valley Museum. At the far end of town you will find the Railway Station which was proclaimed a heritage building in 1990.

Join us for the Smithers Culture Crawl and learn some of our history.

View and download the Culture Crawl brochure (PDF format)